12 April 2010

A few pics of Lyon

Some people have been asking to see more photos of Lyon.  Here's one of the hill known as Fourvière, the highest point in the city, with the basilica and the television relay tower.

You can read more about Fourvière here, and about the basilica here.

This photo was taken from the Croix-Rousse section of town, which was once the heart of the city's silk industry. I'll talk more about the Croix-Rousse in another post.

This one is for my sister. When she came to visit us a few years back, she got the biggest kick seeing how some people would park their Smart cars on the street. Hey, it fits!

On the full moon night in October 2009. From the Croix-Rousse hill looking east into the 6th district of Lyon. On a clear day we can see Mt. Blanc dwarfing the other Alpine peaks.

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