11 April 2010

Free Hugs

There's a huge pedestrian street in the middle of Lyon that's surrounded by shops. It's called rue de la République, and on a sunny spring day like today, thousands of people are coming and going.  It can actually get pretty crazy. If you are claustrophobic or afraid of mobs, it's not the place for you.

In the middle of the crowd this afternoon a man was holding a "Free Hugs" sign up above his head. Every few seconds someone would walk up, give him a hug, then walk away again. Complete strangers hugging in public.

I could have thought, "Maybe I missed my chance. I should have taken that free hug."  Because it felt so good just to see it happen. But I didn't.

The next time I won't let it go by, though.

And I won't just be taking my free hug...I'll be giving one too.

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