22 May 2010

la belle...

I've never been much of a theater-goer, but last night I had the opportunity to see MaLo Lopez's interpretation of la belle... (Sleeping Beauty).

For 40 drama-filled minutes, a troupe of nearly 50 actors skillfully wove a magical tale of the princess who slept for a hundred years, and the legendary kiss that woke her.

The drama and emotion that electrified the audience were nicely balanced by a string of clever one-liners that were executed with impeccable timing.

But this is the sort of thing you'd expect from professional tespians. Only, there were no professionals on stage this night. The actors who commanded our attention were third graders from the primary school of St. Denis.

(If I can get permission from the parents, I'll update this post with some photos.)

In fairy tales, not only can ogresses be adorable, they can have changes of heart too.  The one in this play, moving gracefully across the stage in flowing red silk, threw herself into a cauldron of boiling water the moment she regrets having eaten the queen's children for dinner.  She didn't, really; the cook and hotel manager only tricked her into thinking that she did. But this single act of self-sacrifice ended the play with a thunderous round of applause. And the people in the land of Sleeping Beauty rejoiced.

Front entrance to the Croix-Rousee Theater.

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