10 May 2010

The Power of Yes

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when the great experiment began. The boys were draped over the living room furniture like throw blankets, books in hands, captivated by the harrowing adventures of the boy who lived.

The crucial moment had arrived. Quietly I walked into the kitchen and pulled the sugar and chocolate and vanilla from the cupboard. Next came the flour, butter from the fridge, salt and baking powder. I didn't even have time to pull the flat beater from the drawer before a shining little face appeared next to me: "Can I help?"  And so it began.

With a deep breath and a smile I said, "Yes".

For the next half hour we measured, poured, stirred and scooped until several dozen cookies lay cooling on the wire rack.

"Can I lick the bowl?"

"Yes", for the second time in a row. It was beginning to feel good. Real good. Nearly addicting.

"Can we read Harry Potter together?"


And on it went for the rest of the afternoon. "No" had taken a much needed hike; instead of the usual knee-jerk "no", it was one soft, affirmative "yes" after another.

That one word, said over and over again in response to a simple, genuine, love-filled question, opened the door to an exquisite energy that flowed unobstructed for the rest of the day.

I noticed, perhaps for the very first time, it was actually fun to say yes.

Yes is possibility.

Yes is creativity.

Yes is hope.

Yes is excitement.

Yes is exuberance.

Yes is youthfulness.

Yes is innocence.

Yes is powerful.

Yes is new.

Yes in energetic.

Yes is open.

Yes is happy.

Yes is constructive.

Yes is proactive.

Yes is.

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