03 June 2010

Free TV If France Wins the World Cup

The World Cup begins in 8 days and the French national team (les Bleus) has the honor of playing Uruguay in Cape Town on Friday June 11th.

It's a bit late to be mentioning this since the offer expired last Saturday, but I found this advertisement so daring I couldn't resist.

Carrefour, a gargantuan retailer, made a somewhat audacious promise: buy a new television between May 11th and May 29th and, if France happens to win this year's world cup, they  will reimburse you. 100%.

Here's one of the ads:

Makes you wonder if the marketing directors at Carrefour have been looking hard into the crystal ball. At first you might think, "Great; I'll get a new TV, and maybe it'll be free!"

But then the fog lifts and you realize they have no intention of giving away free TVs; they don't believe France will win. Imagine the financial consequences if they did.

A strange message. Let's hope some folks get a free TV come July 11th.

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