15 June 2010

Reflections in Shop Windows

This evening I took a walk through our neighborhood to take photos of shop windows. The rain had just stopped falling and I noticed that the light was particularly interesting for the reflections, and not necessarily the windows themselves.

A florist's window catches the neon lights and facade from across the street.

This chocolate shop sits on the corner of a public square where there's an open farmer's market six days a week.  Here they're reminding us that Father's Day is the 20th of June.

Same chocolate shop but from a different angle. This time the reminder is for the festival of music, always held on the first day of summer. I personally never associated this day with chocolate, but why not?

In this shop called 'Lumina' you can find about a thousand different kinds of lamps and lamp shades. Our apartment is in the building reflected in the upper right hand corner.

These ladies live in a luxury lingerie shop called 'Louloune Passion' near the corner of the Grande rue and rue Pailleron. Each week they change outfits. Here they're showing off a mix of summer swimwear, nightgowns and strings.

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