07 July 2010

Strange French Laws

Here are some strange French "laws" that have popped up on blogs and Internet sites over the last 10 years.

Some claim the laws are bogus. They certainly seem antiquated.  But I'm guessing that some, if not all, were true at one time or another.

Judge for yourself.

                                                 Strange French Laws

1. In France it is illegal to call a pig Napoleon.

2. In France it is illegal to kiss on railways. (I'm a felon and didn't even know it)

3.Between 8am and 8pm, 70% of the music played on the radio must be by French artists.

4. It is forbidden to die on the territory of the commune without having bought a cemetery plot first.

5. In France, an ashtray is considered to be a lethal weapon.

6. In Paris it is illegal to walk with your hand up a woman's skirt. However, if you are on the metro, you may touch breasts.

If you think these are strange, this site here and this one here list some other, equally bizarre laws from around the world. 

Happy reading.

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milavera said...

#6 HAHAHA what the!