02 August 2010

Did you Know...? Part 2

I stumbled across another website offering a host of facts and interesting (and sometimes strange) trivia about France: eupedia.com.  You can see the full page by clicking here.

These ones caught my attention.

French Cheese
There are over 300 kinds of cheeses made in France. Depending on who you ask (or the Internet resource you consult), that number today ranges anywhere from 350 up to a whopping 1,000. Charles de Gaulle once said, "How can anyone govern a nation that has 246 different kinds of cheese?"

I say: Why would anyone want to govern a nation with less than 246 different kinds of cheese?" But that's just the glutton in me speaking.

The French and Drugs
The French are apparently the world's biggest consumers of psychotropic drugs. With mouth-watering cheeses, wines like nectar, two stunning coastlines, some of Europe's longest lifespans and 5 weeks' paid holiday each year, one can only wonder why.

The French Identity
André Gide, French writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature (1947) defined his fellow countrymen by saying, "French people are Italian people in bad mood."  I wonder if Italians think of themselves as French people on Prozac.

The French 'Kiss'
The French are well known for kissing between friends and family. But it can get confusing when greeting someone from different regions. In the tip of Brittany people will generally kiss once, four times in the north and up to five times in Corsica.

The French and the Supernatural
In the town of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, a municipal law of 1954 prohibits flying saucers from landing within the borders of the city. Apparently it's worked up to now.

The French and Holy Matrimony
In France, in exceptional cases it is possible to marry a deceased person with the authorization of the President of the Republic. I tried to think of several 'exceptional cases', but any way you look at it, it's still creepy.

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