25 August 2010

Skyscapes - Le Croisic

Moonrise, côte sauvage, Le Croisic.

Returning to port before nightfall.

The view from our bedroom at the vacation house. In the morning 
I stick my head out the window and check the weather for the day.


This one bedroom rock house sits on a hill and has
a commanding view of the ocean. And it's for sale. If you have 
750,000 euros ($950,000), it can be yours. You can see the ad for it here.

The sky's forever changing character; 
soft and vulnerable one minute...

...dark and sinister the next.

Upside down arc.

Looking up.


1 comment:

milavera said...

nice pis. upsidedown arc is a winner (if you were to submit it to something)!