05 December 2010

Winter Wedding (updated 15 December 2010)

I was invited to take the "unofficial" photos at a wedding yesterday. So while the hired photographer was doing her thing, posing the couple and family members, I got to roam freely and do what I like best - take candid shots.

The "behind the scenes" feel is what I think makes this photo interesting, and the fact that nobody else captured the moment from the same perspective. Although I have to admit, the photographer's flash in front of the couple adds a nice element.

A few days ago the bride's father sent this clipping from the local paper. The image looked strangely familiar; that's when I saw myself behind the bride's right shoulder, taking the above photo.


Christine said...

Très jolie photo, au point de vue original.
Aurélie et Fabien face à leur étoile !

Alex Quici said...

Merci Christine. Cette photo fera partie d'un cadeau de mariage pour Elodie et Fabien.

milavera said...

i tweeted it!

Alex Quici said...

Hey, thanks Mila. I'll take all the tweets I can get!