13 January 2011

Photos of the Day

Walking through the old part of the city this morning (vieux Lyon), I was hoping the sun would pierce the cloud cover, which it never did. Even though the light wasn't excellent, I shot a few photos of the Saône river and of the city seen from Fourvière hill. You can read about Fourvière here and here.

The Saône River. The tower on the left behind the building 
was originally built in 1893 and was open to tourists. There was a 
restaurant on the ground floor and and elevator would take paying guests 
to a viewing platform 80 meters up. In 1963 the tower closed to the public 
and became a television relay station.

The relay station up close.

A footbridge leading across the river.

The view of Lyon (looking east) from Fourvière hill.

These six "children", named Les Enfants du Monde, were sculpted
out of bronze by the artist Rachid Khimoune. You can see them
at the Jardin de la Basoche in the the heart of the vieux Lyon, 
open from 10am to 7pm. What's interesting is that the salmon-colored 
building to the right houses Lyon's miniature museum, while these
"kids" stand at least 6 feet tall.

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milavera said...

great photos as always :)