26 June 2011

Croix-Rousse Market on Sunday Morning

This morning I took one of my sons with me to the farmers' market (open six days a week) on the Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse.

I handed him a camera and asked him to shoot whatever he wanted while I was buying food for the week.

Here's a small sample of what he saw, from a perspective of four feet, two inches.


The Humble Scribe said...

Oh what a neat idea to give the camera to your son. Give that kid a job!!! :)

Alex Quici said...

Yeah, not bad for 9 years old. He makes his dad proud!

n/a said...

Go Mipam! You have an artist's eye for photography. Did you get hungry taking all those pictures? We did!
Love to you,
Grandma & Grandpa