31 July 2011

GFiMP Goes West!

Got France in My Pants is going to take a three week detour beginning this August — not from blogging, but from France.

Team GFiMP is flying to California for some much anticipated R&R.

What exactly do GFiMPers do in southern California?

Here are a few shots from our last two périples to the golden state.

It was at this pool where it dawned on me I didn't have children anymore,  but fish.

Caught a few spectacular sunsets at beaches like this. 

Watched a surfer with swimwear malfunction shred it up.

Caught a semi-pro Quakes game.

Explored the Angeles National Forest on foot, once with family...

...once with friends - all the way to the top of Cucamonga Peak.

Met some friendly and playful friends...

...and others deep in concentration.

Saw the Greatest show on earth. And I have to admit, they don't lie.

Tarred our heels on Gidget beach.

See you soon from southern California.

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