11 August 2011

California Shopping

Less than 24 hours after our arrival in southern California, we hopped in the car and did what all tourists with strong currencies often do — shop.

First stop: the Apple Store, to check out the new 21" iMac. It's a sleek, powerful machine that makes the GFiMP homepage look stunning with its brilliant, glossy screen.

We then headed over to Trader Joe's, a specialty retail food store that has some rather exotic and great tasting foods that you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else, at least at these prices: Honey Goat Gouda ($9.99/pound), Wild Marinated Soy Ginger Cod Fillets ($6.99/pound) and South African Smoke Seasoning Blend ($2.29) for a 1.76 ounce grinder, about 50 grams.

Sweet onions, only 69 cents a pound.

Bottles of Côtes du Rhône and Bordeaux selling for about 3.5€, before sales tax.

Every store we shopped at over the next several days was disconcertingly empty, not surprising considering the current economic situation. The two exceptions to this were the Apple Store and CostCo.

One clothing retailer, Kohl's, is practically giving merchandise away with ongoing sales and cumulative discounts. It's the place to go if you're looking for a deal on clothing or housewares, but in the overall interest of the economy, I would have preferred to see people thronging the aisles to snatch up the last of the summer goods or stock up on the new fall collection.

But since we GFiMPers weren't born to shop, we fill (the rest of) our days with other activities.

To be continued.


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