01 November 2011

Copywriting Business Website

 *** UPDATE: 6 March 2017 ***

My website is currently being updated. The address is the same (www.alexquici.com) but the look is different.

The French version is gone but now there are several pages with samples of projects I've worked on for various clients. You can also buy my ESL training book (more to come in the future).


It's official — today the English and French versions of my business website went live. But chances are good I'll still be tinkering with it for many days to come.

The activity, as the logo to the left indicates, is for copywriting services, especially for companies in Lyon (or anywhere else for that matter) whose websites and brochures and annual reports could benefit from a native English plume.

Here's the address: www.alexquici.com

Have a look around and let me know what you think.

1 comment:

Darryl Tay said...

Alex, that was a great milestone for your business! I hope both are still running. If you run them personally, that would be better. That way, you can monitor activities and know the right time to upgrade it. However, don’t make drastic transformations unless major changes in the company take place.