25 January 2012

New Resource for English Trainers

If you teach English — to kids or adults, for high school, continuing education or ESL — you might be interested in this new site.

It's a resource that shows how framegames can add fun to your classes while improving students' performance.

The first activity is available now as a free download - 'Bingo for Language Training' (which includes a description of framegames).

Whether you teach English in Stockholm, Seoul or Sao Paulo, Brazil, you just might find the right activity to enhance your class in some unsuspecting ways.

You can visit the site here. Even better, why not become a "Follower" and be among the first to receive updates on future activities.

22 January 2012

To The Edge Of The Universe

Working for a non-profit organization several years ago, I found myself managing various projects, people and departments simultaneously. Trying to juggle the many different responsibilities sometimes left me feeling stressed out.

Fortunately someone shared with me a secret for dealing with those moments of utter and complete overwhelm: "Project yourself 20 years into the future", he said, "and then look back on this present time from out there. Now from this perspective, do the anxieties and troubles and stress really seem that important?"

And of course they never were.

Or as someone else suggested, with a blunt eloquence that cut to the chase rather effectively: "When you're lying on your deathbed, what are you going to be thinking about — the times you felt stress at work?"

All this came to mind today when I flipped on the computer and found an email from a friend living in Switzerland; Herbert delights in anything that triggers an expansion of consciousness.

When you watch this short video clip, you'll see that it isn't so much about projecting yourself 20 or 50 or even 100 years into the future; we're actually traveling back in time, all the way to edge of the physical universe as we know it today.

But the effect is exactly the same, if not more potent.

If these images were a deathbed question then, it would all seem a bit too extreme, too mystifying for the mind to comprehend.  But then again, maybe that would be the whole point.

Why not click on the arrow to "Play", and judge for yourself.

(from: www.liveleak.com)

02 January 2012

Lyon - An Innovative City

This is late news, but worth mentioning.

In October 2011, the city of Lyon became an 'innovative economy winner', ranking 8th out of 100 cities in the 2thinknow Annual Innovative Cities Index.

The 100 cities on this list are classified by their ability to, "generate product, process, service and other innovation types across an urban economy."

To see if your city made the top 100 or to learn how 2thinknow generate their lists, you can read this article here. You can read the media release here.

And if you still need a compelling reason to put Lyon at the top of your travel list for 2012, maybe OnlyLyon's official promotional video on this page will help you make up your mind.

This last bit is also late, but equally worth mentioning: Happy New Year!