25 January 2012

New Resource for English Trainers

If you teach English — to kids or adults, for high school, continuing education or ESL — you might be interested in this new site.

It's a resource that shows how framegames can add fun to your classes while improving students' performance.

The first activity is available now as a free download - 'Bingo for Language Training' (which includes a description of framegames).

Whether you teach English in Stockholm, Seoul or Sao Paulo, Brazil, you just might find the right activity to enhance your class in some unsuspecting ways.

You can visit the site here. Even better, why not become a "Follower" and be among the first to receive updates on future activities.


Jenny said...

I'll certainly try your Bingo games with students and let you know the outcome. Thanks!

Alex Quici said...

Hi Jenny, that's great. Let me know how it turns out, and if you have any suggestions or ideas for other activities.