02 January 2012

Lyon - An Innovative City

This is late news, but worth mentioning.

In October 2011, the city of Lyon became an 'innovative economy winner', ranking 8th out of 100 cities in the 2thinknow Annual Innovative Cities Index.

The 100 cities on this list are classified by their ability to, "generate product, process, service and other innovation types across an urban economy."

To see if your city made the top 100 or to learn how 2thinknow generate their lists, you can read this article here. You can read the media release here.

And if you still need a compelling reason to put Lyon at the top of your travel list for 2012, maybe OnlyLyon's official promotional video on this page will help you make up your mind.

This last bit is also late, but equally worth mentioning: Happy New Year!

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