24 February 2012

Lyon — Another "Best" City

For the first time ever, QS (you can read about who they are and what they do here) have put together a list of the best cities in the world for students.

As with other best-city rankings, Lyon once again finds itself rather high up on the list, this time at number 14. Only seven other cities in continental Europe place higher, including Paris (no. 1), Vienna (no. 5), Zurich (no. 7) and Berlin (no. 8).

The study claims that Lyon is the most affordable student city in the top 20. Combine that with several top ranked institutions, the best food in the world, a rich cultural diversity, and you have a formidable cocktail with the potential for creating a most unforgettable learning — and life — experience.

The see the full list of the top 50 cities in the world, click here. You can also see this page to read more about the methodology used to develop the list.

If you had the opportunity to be a student in one of these 50 cities, which would it be, and why?

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