18 June 2012

Mallet Créations

I talked about Pascal Mallet's creations in an earlier post here. But there have since been some interesting developments in his work these past several months that deserve a second look.

It's now easier than ever to own an original Mallet creation: one-of-a-kind writing pens, rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and more. Since May 2012 Pascal has been selling his work through an online boutique called alittlemarket.com.

His pens and jewelry, spread over nine different categories, are each elegantly displayed in color photos with written descriptions of each product. The online order form is very simple to use and shipping charges and other relevant information are clearly explained on the site (in French).

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If you're on Facebook you can visit Pascal's new page here and keep up-to-date with all of his latest developments. There you can also find the dates and locations of the different artisanal markets (in France) where Pascal will be selling his work in person this July and August.

With the wedding and graduation season upon us, why not offer yourself, or someone you care for, an original piece of art from one of today's most trend-setting designers of handmade jewelry and writing pens.

You never know when someone will approach you with admiring eyes and ask:
"Is that a...Mallet?"

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