10 July 2012

A Taste Bud Tour of Lyon - New iPhone App

***For all cheese and chocolate lovers***

The iTunes Store has just published a new walking tour guide for the city of Lyon. This app, available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, is all about chocolate, cheese and spices from around the world.

The city of Lyon is famous for its contribution to the culinary arts. Here food lovers can find hundreds of specialty shops throughout the city that offer some of the world's finest award-winning products to delight one's epicurean palate. Let your taste buds follow this guide on a voyage into the heart of chocolate, cheese and spices.

For a one-time micro-payment of only $2.99, this app provides you with descriptions of 11 different sites (specialty shops and famous outdoor markets), a detailed tour route map and turn-by-turn directions to guide you from one site to the next.

The Rolancy Pastry Shop - the first stop on the walking tour.

It's a gastronomic tour that you can walk in under four hours and which also happens takes you through some of the more scenic and historic areas of the city.

To get the app, click here to download the 'City Maps and Walks' Catalogue from iTunes. Once you've got the catalogue on your iPhone, search for "A Taste Bud's Delight". It's that easy.

There's also a free version of the app if you only want to read about the sites. But if you're coming to Lyon and want to join the walk, it's highly recommended you download the full version. It's the best way to let your taste buds run wild with ecstasy!

Click here to get your copy of "A Taste Bud's Delight" walking tour of Lyon.

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