04 September 2012

ONLYLYON Video Contest

The Contest
In May of this year OnlyLyon, the group responsible for promoting the city's economic, touristic and cultural attractions, initiated a concours vidéo (video competition) called OnlyLyon BUZZ!

The idea is just that - to create a "buzz" about Lyon, and to make the city an economic, touristic and cultural champion in Europe and beyond.

For the contest, participants submit an original video (1 to  2 minutes in length) which is then broadcast on the OnlyLyon BUZZ! Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The Prizes
The first prize will be awarded to the video which accumulates the most number of views on YouTube — a 1,000€ gift certificate to FNAC, a department store that sells electronics, books, music and computer equipment.

The second prize will be awarded to the video which receives the greatest number of votes on the OnlyLyon Facebook page - a 500€ gift certificate to FNAC.

The video which wins the third prize - a 500€ gift certificate to FNAC - will be chosen by a panel of marketing, video and social networking experts.

The competition closes at noon on December 17th, when the votes and views will be counted to determine the winners.

Several videos are already in the running. To see them all on YouTube click here.

To vote for your favorite video on OnlyLyon's Facebook page click here. You don't need to have a Facebook account to vote.

My Video
Here's the video I submitted last month for the contest (you'll want your sound turned up for this one):

It's called "Heartbeat". If you like it, why not go here and place your vote for me? And ask everyone else you know to do the same (and also to watch it on YouTube).

I'll post the results here in December.

Thanks for your support.

Remember, your vote — and your "view" on YouTube — can help me win!

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