12 March 2013

Happy Birthday André Le Nôtre

Today's Doodle on the google.fr homepage is a tribute to the most influential French landscape architect of the baroque period, André Le Nôtre.

Born 400 years ago today in Paris, Mr. Le Nôtre is most well known for his design of the gardens at the palace of Verseilles for King Louis XIV. But his fame didn't stop with ambitious garden projects for the French aristocracy. Le Nôtre's influence can be seen in various other gardens throughout Europe, especially in Italy, Germany and Great Britain.

To celebrate his achievements, the Palace of Verseilles is organizing four exhibitions throughout the year to reveal new or little-known aspects of Le Nôtre's life, notably as an experienced art collector and friend and confidant of the king. To discover more about these special events happening at Verseilles in 2013, you can visit this web page (in English).

Verseilles - looking west towards the Grand Canal.

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