28 May 2013

New Lyon City Guide

Developed in partnership with My Little Lyon and Yelp Lyon, Lyon Tourisme et Congrès present their newest creation - more than 200 pages of photos and text offering visitors a fresh look at the city, which includes favorite visits and activities, all chosen by the Lyonnais themselves.

This first issue of "Collector", in both French and English, is available free of charge from the tourism office located in Bellecour Square and from the Information Center at the entrance to the Vieux-Lyon metro stop.

The plan is to publish Collector twice per year; work on the second edition is already underway. Look for it in the fall of 2013.

If you're visiting Lyon in the near future, remember to grab your free copy of Collector...and remember to bring an umbrella!

22 May 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

With unusually low temperatures and above-average rainfall dominating the better part of the season, looking up hasn't given the eye anything very interesting to ponder lately. But there is the occasional break, often at the end of the day, that reminds us the sky is still capable of making magic, and surprising us when we least expect it.

Sunday 19 May - 9:07 PM - Lyon