29 December 2015

A chocolate thought for the day

In all its various forms, chocolate must surely be one of the essential accompaniments to any end-of-year celebration, and the papillote, the sine qua non of the December holiday season in the Rhône-Alpes, is certainly no exception.

Once again, these festive chocolates "appeared" under our Christmas tree on the 25th morning. And, as is always the case, they have been quickly dwindling in number since.

Each papillote is wrapped in a slip of paper which contains a famous quotation, proverb or aphorism.

Yesterday's degustation provided me with the following, both of which seem appropriate as we sit down to candle-lit tables to share food with friends and family.

Creole Proverb
Be sure the candle is lit
before you throw away the match.

Richard Whatley
Never argue at the dinner table,
for the one who is not hungry
will always have the last word.

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