01 August 2016

New Book for ESL Teachers

If you teach English to non-native speakers, or know someone who does, you may very well want to know about this book.

It's called 'Hold The Line, Please' and was designed especially for language classes held...get this...over the phone!

I suppose it can also work for classes done via Skype and other video conferencing applications (I personally don't do this), but the reality is that many adult language learners today are improving their English language skills by phone.


Several reasons. Engineers and technicians and sales people and human resource managers are busy people. It's hard enough to find time to attend several meetings and get all their work done, let alone attend an English lesson in the middle of the day.

A 30-minute phone lesson once or twice a week is efficient, doesn't waste precious travel time (for student or trainer - less C02 polluting the atmosphere), and gives the student a safe environment to practice that one part of the job they often dread — speaking on the phone.

'Hold The Line, Please' is a 30-page workbook filled with activities that can easily be done over the telephone. Not only will you find the usual grammar and vocabulary exercises, but functional language as well. Simple, but often challenging tasks, such as making a request, saying the date, or even spelling one's name.

If you'd like to see an abridged copy of 'Hold The Line, Please', click here to get a look and feel for how it works.

To buy your own copy of 'Hold The Line, Please', click here. (This link takes you directly to my secure website) And if you plan on using the book for your own language classes (and I hope that you do), remember to have your students pay for and download their own copy.

Thanks for reading!