Copywriting Services

Native English Copywriting
If you’re looking for copy that effectively communicates your business message to your English speaking clients and partners, you’ve come to the right place.

As your business activity expands internationally, you’ll benefit from a clear and direct communication strategy with a native English speaker and language specialist taking care of your copywriting needs.

But most importantly, you’ll save time and money, two of the most valuable assets you can possess when you need to focus on the other important details of your business.

The Service
As a  writer, my objective is to provide you with copy that your clientele — whether native English speaking or not — can understand effortlessly, and from one culture to the next.  

My service is especially suited to any business or organization that must communicate in written English through any of the following:
  • website content
  • press releases
  • articles (print and web)
  • newsletters
  • sales copy
  • training materials
  • e-books

Depending on your specific need, I will work with you to create original content or to edit, rewrite and adapt any documents you’ve already written in English.

Why Alex Quici
Working with non-native English speakers is my specialty. For more than a decade I have coached hundreds of European clients in most major industrial fields, including chemical, pharmaceutical, transportation and nuclear, to improve their English language skills.

This hands-on experience underlined the immediate need — and anxiety — that today’s “global” employee can experience when the job suddenly requires them to, “...chair the English!”

So if you need native English content for a website, newsletter, product brochure — or any other copywriting project — you can count on me to deliver copy that informs, persuades and meets your needs and expectations...but most importantly, those of your clients.

To contact me about your specific copywriting needs, please send me an e-mail at alex.quici[at]


“Alex creates content that thoroughly engages readers, brings a vision to life in words, and captures what is meaningful and essential.”
                                                                                                     Jeffrey Elster - Consultant - New York

“Alex writes from observation and experience, giving his work a rare flavour of authenticity. He has produced several books for us over the years, all of which have stood the test of time. I would highly recommend Alex for any of your written communication needs.”
                                                           Greg Whyte - Language Specialist/Consultant - Lyon, France

“I used the texts Alex wrote for teaching English to professionals. Students and teachers alike appreciated the practical, straightforward approach of his writing and material.”
                                                                       Mila Petkovic Writer/Photographer - London, Canada

“Alex has an amazing active listening capacity and a strong desire to understand every single one of his projects from the inside out.  He produces high-quality work and develops successful ways of presenting information to our clients.”
                                               Patrick Dorpmund - Dorpmund Original Consulting - Lyon, France

"Alex writes with a deep sensitivity to the reader's culture. The result is a straightforward communication that reveals the heart of its message with great clarity.”  
                                                                    Vinod Agarwal - SYDA Foundation - Oakland, California

“I have found Alex Quici to be an excellent listener, keen observer, and versatile writer.  He refines his understanding of your needs and goals until they are crystal clear. The writing then flows from there.  I highly recommend him.”
                                                                                    Ellen Anthony - Artist/Writer - Massachusetts

"What impressed me most about Alex was the way he handled the many challenges that can arise when working in an inter-cultural context.  His communication style is direct and clear. I recommend him for any job utilizing his communication skills, without reservation.”         
                                                                   James Fishman - Clinical Social Worker - San Francisco